Abbas Bahri

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This page is dedicated to Abbas BAHRI, a great mathematician and even greater man

(Abbas Bahri : 1 January 1955 Tunisia – 10 January 2016 USA)

AM ENIT Avril 2016

A paper dedicated to Abbas Bahri by Najoua Gamara and Boutheina Hafassa




Tribute to the Tunisian mathematician Abbas BAHRI on January 11, 2017 at Ecole Polytechnique de TunisieVideo (in French)

Ecole CIMPAMIMS : Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations arising from Geometry and Physics. Conference on the occasion of the 60th birthday of Abbas BAHRI, 20-29 March, 2015

Abbas Bahri : Five Gaps in Mathematics


Comments by Ali Ali Maalaoui about the Five Gaps

For the part of the Poincaré conjecture Tian acknowledged the mistake and submitted a correction in the arxiv, this correction was followed by another one from Bahri staring that the problem is fixed with these additional correction…”  Read more

Abbas Bahri, Prix Fermat 1989
Tribute by Ahmed Friaa on (in French)
Tribute by Belhassen Dehman (in French)
Abbas Bahri and Belhassen Dehman, March 2015, Tunisia
Tribute by Ali Maalaoui on Tunisia News (in English)
Tribute by Angela Pistoia on the National Radio (in Italian)
Tribute by Tunisian Mathematicians on the National Tunisian Radio

Tribute by Yomna Rébaï (in French)


Tribute by Mohamaden Ahmedou (in English)
Tribute by Sahbi Keraani on Tunisia News (in Arabic)
Abbas Bahri and Jean-Michel Coron, March 2015, Tunisia


Tribute and testimony by Najoua Gamara (in French)
Tribute by Mohamed Ali Jendoubi (in French)
Abbas Bahri and Dong Ye, March 2015, Tunisia
Tribute by Saïma Khenissy on  (in French)
Tribute to Abbas Bahri by Saïma Khenissy on ExpressFm (in Arabic)


Booklet Tribute to Abbas Bahri (in French)

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Tribute by Chiheb Bouden on (in French)
Tribute by Henri Berestycki on (in French)
Tribute by Sadok Kallel on (in French)
RIP Abbas Bahri (in English)
Tribute by Haïm Brezis (in English)
Tribute by Badie ben Ghachem on (in French)
Tribute on Radio RTCI by Yomna Rébaï, Saïma Khenissy, Olivier Rey and Mohamed Ben Ayed (in French)
Tribute to Abbas Bahri – Cérémonie du 40è jour (Video)
National Ceremony Tribute to Abbas Bahri, Februaru 16, 2016, Tunisia
Documentary of the Tunisian National TV on Professor Abbas Bahri
Professor Abbas Bahri, Conference in Sobolev Institute of Mathematics

Ecole Polytechnique Palaiseau, Hommage rendu par son élève Olivire Rey

PARIS: Colloque du departement de recherche « ethique biomedicale » du College des Bernardins
Olivier Rey

photo-abbas-bahri-3 (in French)
Vibrant tribute to Abbes Bahri, an outstanding scientist and mathematician! (in French)
Video of Abbas Bahri giving a course in Kairouan, Tunisia

A papier dedicated to Abbas Bahri by Ali Malaoui and Vittorio Martino on his sixtieth birthday

Laurent Schwartz invité de Abbas Bahri à la Faculté des Sciences de Tunis en 1991.
Tribute to Abbas Bahri in Paris on (in French)
Scientific seminars of Professor Bahri “Fredholm and Compactness Issues in some Variational Problems”


A paper dedicated to Abbes Bahri, a great mathematician and even greater man, by Ali Maalaoui


A paper dedicated to Abbas Bahri by Najoua Gamara and her students


Seminar in Ecole Polytechnique Palaiseau in tribute to Abbas Bahri on March 8, 2016.